etherlime compile
Running this command will compile all smart contracts along with imported sources. The command comes with integrated solidity and vyper compiler and would automatically fetch all files with '.sol' and '.vy' extensions and would record the compiled json object in './build' folder. Note! To enable the vyper compiler you need to have running docker.


etherlime compile [path] [runs] [solcVersion] [docker] [list] [all]
[quiet] [output] [buildDirectory] [workingDirectory] [deleteCompiledFiles] [exportAbi]
  • path - [Optional] By specifying path you can set the root
    directory where to read the contracts and place the build folder. By
    default path is set to the current working directory ./
  • runs - [Optional] By specifying runs between 1 and 999 you
    enabled the optimizer and set how many times the optimizer will be
    run. By default the optimizer is not enabled.
  • solcVersion - [Optional] By specifying solcVersion you can set
    the version of the solc which will be used for compiling the smart
    contracts. By default it use the solc version from the node_modules
  • docker - [Optional] When you want to use a docker image for your
    solc you should set docker=true in order solcVersion to accept
    the passed image.
  • list - [Optional] By specifying list you can list the
    available solc versions. The following values can be used: docker,
    releases, prereleases and latestRelease. By default only 10
    version are listed
  • all - [Optional] By specifying all together with list you
    will be able to list all available solc versions.
  • quiet - [Optional] Disable verboseness during compilation. By
    the default quiet is set to false.
  • output - [Optional] Defines the way that the logs are shown.
    Choices: none - silences the output of logs, normal - see
    verbose logs in the console and structured - structured output in
    a file meant for inter program communication.
  • buildDirectory - [Optional] Defines the directory for placing
    builded contracts.
  • workingDirectory - [Optional] Defines the folder to use for
    reading contracts from, instead of the default one: ./contracts.
    Here can be specified also a single solidity file for compiling e.g:
  • deleteCompiledFiles - [Optional] Delete the files in the
    compilation contract directory before compiling. By the default
    deleteCompiledFiles is set to false.
  • exportAbi - [Optional] In addition to the json build files, etherlime build abis
    folder with files containing the abi of every contract. By the default
    exportAbi is set to false.
The solcVersion can accept the following values:
  • - passing undefined or simply don't using the
    solcVersion argument will use the solc version from the local
  • - you can pass directly the version of the solc.
    Example: --solcVersion=0.4.24
  • - the image which will be used to load the solc into the
    docker. Example:
  • - you can pass the absolute path to a local solc
  • - when you set the solc version argument to native the
    compiler is using the solc globally installed on your machine
Here is example of result:
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