etherlime init


etherlime init [output] [zk]


  • output - [Optional] Defines the way that the logs are shown.

    Choices: none - silences the output of logs, normal - see

    verbose logs in the console and structured - structured output in

    a file meant for inter program communication.

  • zk - [Optional] Defines whether to include in project a zk-proof

    folder with primary ready to use circuit for compiling. Defaults to


Running this command will install etherlime in the directory you've run it and will create deployment directory with deploy.js prepared for you to use. You can use this file to write your deployment procedure. It also create test directory where you can write your tests. It comes with an exampleTest.js file which you can use as a start point. The init command generate and package.json for you which you can use for your npm modules.

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