etherlime ganache


etherlime ganache [port] [output] [fork] [gasPrice] [gasLimit] [mnemonic] [count] [unlock] [secure]


  • port - [Optional] By specifying --port you can specify port to

    run the etherlime ganache. Default: 8545

  • output - [Optional] Defines the way that the logs are shown.

    Choices: none - silences the output of logs, normal - see

    verbose logs in the console and structured - structured output in

    a file meant for inter program communication.

  • fork - [Optional] By specifying --fork you can fork from

    another currently running Ethereum network at a given block or at a

    last current block. The input to the optional parameter should be

    the HTTP location and port of the running network, e.g

    http://localhost:8545 and in addition you can specify a block

    number to fork from, using an @ sign:


  • gasPrice - [Optional] By specifying --gasPrice you can specify

    the default gas price for transactions. Default: 2000000000 wei (2


  • gasLimit - [Optional] By specifying --gasLimit you can specify

    the default block gas limit. Default: 6721975

  • mnemonic - [Optional] By specifying --mnemonic you can

    generate additional account/accounts to the accounts that are coming

    with etherlime ganache command. Please note: Running this command

    will modify your local setup.json.

  • count - [Optional] By specifying --count you can specify how

    many accounts to generate based on the mnemomic specified with

    --mnemomnic. Defaults to: 1 and works only if --mnemonic is


  • networkId - [Optional] By specifying --networkId you can specify the network id etherlime ganache will use to identify itself.

  • unlock - [Optional] By specifying --unlock and passing an address to unlock specific account/accounts

  • secure - [Optional] By specifying --secure Lock available accounts by default. (Default: false)

For easier integration and usage of EtherlimeGanacheDeployer and running local deployments you can use the embedded ganache-cli. It comes with fixed 10 accounts and a lot of ETH (191408831393027885698 to be precise)

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