etherlime coverage


etherlime coverage [path] [timeout] [port] [solcVersion]
[workingDirectory] [html] [ignoreFiles]

Workflow of etherlime coverage

  • The coverage command copy all test files from test directory to .coverage_tests temporary directory

  • The coverage command copy all contract files from contract directory to .coverage_contracts temporary directory

  • All contract files are builded without optimization from temporary directory and saved to .coverage_artifacts directory

  • All test files are run, coverage folder is created with the result and all temporary directories are deleted.


  • path - [Optional] By specifying path you can set a path to a

    selected directory or you can set the path directly to the

    javascript file which contains your tests. By default the path

    points to ./test.

  • timeout - [Optional] This parameter defines the test timeout in

    milliseconds. Defaults to 2000 ms.

  • port - [Optional] The port to run the solidity coverage testrpc

    (compatible with etherlime ganache deployer). Default: 8545.

  • solcVersion - [Optional] By specifying solcVersion you can

    choose a specific solc version to be used for compilation and

    coverage reports.

  • workingDirectory - [Optional] Defines the folder to use for

    reading contracts from, instead of the default one: ./contracts

  • html - [Optional] By specifying html you can choose either to

    open automatically with you default browser the html coverage report

    located in: ./coverage. Defaults to false.

  • ignoreFiles - [Optional] By specifying ignoreFiles you can set files

    that would be omitted in coverage report. List them separated with comma. By

    default all files imported from `./node-modules' are ignored.

  • gasPrice - [Optional] By specifying gasPrice you can specify the price of gas in wei. Defaults to 20000000000.

  • gasLimit - [Optional] By specifying gasLimit you can specify the block gas limit. Defaults to 6721975.

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